Banbury Art Fest

Banbury Art Fest is a new art festival we have organised for 2017 in conjunction with Banbury Town Council's popular event The Banbury & District Show. It is a one of a kind art festival featuring over twenty five the best artisans in the area where they will not only be displaying and selling their creations, but also showing how they create them! Over the course of the day we had over 1,000 visitors viewing the efforts of 34 artists, we'd call that a resounding success! We're looking forward to welcoming both artists and the public back for Artfest 2018.
  • The ArtFest Tent at Banbury & District Show
  • Angela Gaughan
  • Barry giving a demonstration
  • Liz Dixon
  • Liz Dixon
  • View of some of the stalls
  • Gerald Porter
  • Teresa Wilson
  • Ronnie Loxton
The event was covered by Modern Parlance Photo, and you can find more photos here. It was also written about on The Banburian blog and by one of the stallholders over at Frilling's Thoughts.

Artists and Makers 2017

The Artery - Art Shop, The Art Framing Workshop - picture framers, St Cuthbert's Mill - paper company, Martin Damen - Wood Carver, Graham Mant - Potter, Jacky Hopkins - artist, Emily Furmour - Jeweller, Pamela Fyvie - Glass artist, Ronny Loxton - watercolourist, David Blakemore - surreal artist, Liz Dixon - Sculptor and texture artist, Teresa Wilson - artist, Gilbert & Tracy Csecs - paintings and jewellery, Penny Varley - potter, Madeleine Alcock, artist and textile artist, Barry Whitehouse - artist, and demonstrations for St Cuthbert's Mill, Ella Hendy - artist from Ella Art, Lis Mann - textile artist and weaving Amy Cremmen - designer and artist, Deb Hunt - Doodledash Interiors, Sarah B Smith - artist, Melissa Sturgeon -artist, Kitty Frilling & Victoria Anne Illustrations - Printmaker & Illustrator

Featured on Banbury Town Council's video for the Banbury and District Show:

Artfest 2018

Interested in being involved with Banbury ArtFest 2020? It will take place at the Banbury & District Show, Spiceball Park, Banbury on the 14th June 2020. If you would like to express interest in a stall, contact Barry.